The Bitter Well

The Stone Guest
A Fire Upon the Deepness

Some gith are overheard talking about a rock that fell from the sky, which might be a bad omen.
The party follows them to a Temple of the Sky and convince them, for a share, to check it out and recover it.
They go, are challenged by a creature claiming moral and racial superiority over them and overcome it, stealing a curious book in a language no one can recognise.

They sell their share of the rock to a Mul smith, and also get a small bag of psionic crystals. The gith mention a prophecy of ruin coming to Tyr due to a Rain of Stones.

Little Girl Lost Part 3 The Wedding Crashers

The party receives a message from Hagir to meet them. Upon arriving at the designated meeting point, Hagir, her father and Paubia all arrive – Hagir does not want to be married to Ibrahim and she is bored with Paubia. She explains she and Paubia hid in the shadows when the party investigated Paubia’s lodgings,

Tchack here’s the familar sound of Martha’s club. She turns up, accuses Paubia of being a Defiler and claims to represent the Committee for the Preservation of the Revolution. There is a pall of shadows, followed by teeth rattling pain. In the confusion Hagir and her father are dragged to safety by Tchack.

A cunning plan is decided upon and Johdan shows a surprising aptitude for wedding planning. The wedding goes ahead, but Ibrahim is blackmailed into disappearing after the feast.

Investigation of the spot where the weird defiling took place eveals the clear signs of defilement. Vitska hands out the cash based on her creative accounting.

Little Girl Lost Part 3

Tchack traces the mysterious Paubia via her servants Marta and Jezebel.
Jezebel is a quiet cipher, Marta a fierce harridan responsible for a scar on Tschack’s knuckles.
A fierce dust storm, correctly predicted by Morhir flings itslf upon Tyr, which shuts itself down.
They hear a voice speaking in a foreign language, but upon reflection it is the prrot Jub Jub.
The encounter a strange dust glider, there is a fight, and Morhir reflects that it is not natural.
They return to Vitska’s to lick their numerous wounds.

Session The Second
Little Girl Lost

Mornir, a grizzled young elf of foreign extraction extraction arrives looking for work.

A girl is missing, her father frantic as he has already spent a large dowry he received.
A surly parrot named Gub-Gub offers the cryptic message “I love Pauiba”
A shifty businessman named Ibrahim was promised the girl in marriage and now wants his money back.
Mornir coaxes the parrot into speech.
When visiting they house, Morhir finds a piece of fabric stuck in the adobe wall and announces magic is afoot.
Kweku points out the suspicious lack of decorations in the house, noting especially marks where paintings once hung and vases once stood – further evidence of a desperate man selling off the family silver.
The Scorpions break into Ibrahim’s house and find a damning document, detailing caravan raids which have ruined Ghalib.
Vitska is surly and overly concerned with saving to the acrid displeasure of Tchack. But she can read and points out that the suspicious document aligns with the raids on Ghalib’s caravans.
The party is stalked by three bravos. Two are accidentally killed in the ensuing scuffle, but one is convinced to tell the truth. They were hired by Ibrahim to try and find Hagir.

Session 1, 3 July 2013
There's been a slight case of misidentification

Tchak gets told by Uncle Vargas that it’s time to work for the family, in the process he steals a kank trinket and some coins from his dear sweet Uncle. Uncle wants him to escort two slave escapees to a secret village he knows. Uncle’s instructions are far more precise than his pronunciation of barbarian names, unfortunately.

Kweku is cooling his heels in the gladiator pens, having forgotten the advice of his tribal elders not to drink with desert traders. He and Jadon are are selected, along with another Mul and Half Elf to be sacrificed as part of the celebrations of Kalak’s ascension.

A giant wasp is their foe, unfortunately they are each tied to a pillar and the wasp (chained by one leg) is between them and their gear. There is a shocking white flash, everyone is blinded, an earthquake occurs and screams rise across the city with the smoke and dust. The wasp escapes and heads straight for the spilled date palm wine in the stands. The two other prisoners, who Tchak was supposed to rescue are dead. Kweku and Jadon escape in the confusion, Jadon spotting a glimpse of a rat man and what looks like an entire rat man undercity in a fissure.

They meet Tchak, who assumes they are the freed slaves and journey to down the Royal Road to Pawdler’s Rest, a refuge for escaped slaves. The town has an incomprehensible political system, loves the symbol of the kank and quotes slogans with excessive zeal.

They flamboyantly and heroically kill a bus-sized scorpion as payment for lodgings, then return to Tyr, noticing a distinct lack of merchants on the road.

Kweku, for reasons best known to himself, likes to meditate atop the highest spot he can reach.

Tyr, they discover, has several factions, with conflicting pronouncements, claiming leadership. This is a time of great opportunity for the quick and the brave, or the quick and the brave and his two new side-kicks, anyway.

Tchak claims Kweku and Jadon owe him money for being the wrong slaves, Kweku obliges with a handful of coins he grabbed from the stadium, left by fleeing patrons.

In the beginning

This is the start of a beautiful friendship, a leveraged buyout or a cult. You are a ragtag group of outcasts, living by your wits at the foot of the Ringing Mountains, vaguely south west of Tyr. You could be from anywhere, be of any race and of any profession.

You haven’t met any of your companions yet, each of you has been offered something useful in order to protect a small hamlet, Pordlaw’s Rest from rapacious bandits. Yes, this is the plot of The Seven Samurai, but bear with me….

The cast so far:

Kweku, a half elf wilder with ambitions to become a ranger, of a taciturn and dour nature. Played by Rick Clery
?, a half elf Gladiator played by Joe McNamara

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