The Bitter Well

Hurricane Mohrir
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
Waiting for Kweku
A Sailor's Life for Me!

After a slightly thrilling chase across the sands, the group defeated some nasty brain parasite infected bandits. Dropping off the kidnapped healer in a nearby village, they proceeded to squander all of their had earned coinage on baths, massages and ludicrously expensive food and lodgings.

Wandering aimlessly along the ranges, they discovered their missing metal statue is looking for parts to repair itself. After losing it in the sands, they have entered a ton filled with halflings.

In the Metal is Truth

Our intrepid group arrived at a caravansary to discover the inhabitants (bar one) dead of some disease. They found a lone survivor, very sick, who they killed because they couldn’t cure him.

Following the trail to an iron mine, they discovered a strange shrine, with runes in an ancient, but untranslatable language.

Amongst the crude huts they spotted two sand yachts. one disgruntled and tied up healer and a 3 bandits. They managed to kill one of the bandits, but the other two have leapt upon a sand yacht and are about to make their escape…

I Just Woke Up - What Did I Miss?

Armoury shenanigans.


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