Arms and Equipment

The arms and equipment available will be from the source document. In addition to this, I will be using the following from Sandstorm. Also, check out the other Athas supplements for even more cool gear.

Keep in mind that metal is extremely rare and precious, most armour and weapons are made of wood, bone, stone and obsidian.

Arcane magic items are rare objects of wonder, however, psionic items are much more common, anything from any published sourcebook will be considered and possibly available.

Feather Cloaks, Silk Swathes and Hide Shields p.99
Everything listed under Wasteland Adventuring and Clothing Gear. p.99
Blackeye p.101, Deep Draught p.101, Keepcool Salve p.102, Oleum, p.102, Sunshade Lotion, p.103

Rather than trying to keep track of multiple quantities of food and water, these will simply be described as “days”. One day equals the amount needed for a human to travel a day in the wilderness. One day costs 5 ceramic pieces.

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Arms and Equipment

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