Character Creation

All characters will start at 1st level (to begin with).

All characters will be non Evil.

All characters will use 5D6, take highest 3 to generate stats.

Any wizards must start out as preservers, however, their choices during play will determine whether they acquire the defiler’s taint.

Stats can be assigned at will during creation.

All first level HP will be class maximum, plus any Con bonuses etc.

Everyone gets a free extra feat at first level, pick a regional one, a racial one or a character creation only one.

If a player dies, they can generate a new character at the average level (rounding up) of the party before their deaths and will be starting at the minimum XP to reach that feat.

There are a bunch of feats in the source document, including some tasty racial feats for non humans, plus region feats. Check them out.

Racial Feats

Regional Feats

Age and Weight Tables

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Character Creation

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