Equipping a Character

Characters in Dark Sun receive the same starting packages as their Player’s Handbook and Expanded Psionic Handbook counterparts. This means they receive the same starting funds (converted to ceramic pieces; see below for more information on the currency of Athas), have access to the same weapons, armour, and equipment that their funds allow.

Wealth and Money
All prices in Dark Sun are given in terms of ceramic pieces. 10,000 bd = 1,000 bits =100 Cp = 10 sp = 1 gp.

Table 5–1: Currency Conversions

Athasian Currency (weight) Player’s Handbook Equivalent Ceramic Pieces
Lead bead (bd) Copper piece (cp) 1/100
Ceramic bit (bit) Silver piece (sp) 1/10
Ceramic piece (Cp) Gold piece (gp) 1
Silver piece (sp) Platinum piece (pp) 10
Gold piece (gp) N/A 100

Prices for goods and equipment in the Player’sHandbook, except as stated here, convert directly from gold to ceramic. For example, rather than costing 10 gp, a suit of leather armor would cost 10 Cp. Items that must be made using metal components, however, retain their full Player’s Handbook cost.

Note: Cp (ceramic pieces) must not be confused with cp (copper pieces). Ceramics are made from glazed clay and baked in batches once a year in a secure process supervised by the high templar that supervises the city’s treasury. Bits are literally one‐tenth parts of a ceramic piece—the ceramic pieces break easily into ten bits. Some cities’ ceramic pieces have small holes that can be threaded onto a bracelet or necklace. The lowest unit of Athasian trade is the lead bead (bd).

In general, the Athasian economy in the cities is relatively stable thanks to the Merchant Houses. Under normal conditions, supply is ample thanks to the caravans travelling back and forth between the cities. However, for smaller communities and trade outposts the price situation on certain goods can sway drastically. A raider attack or sandstorm can result in lack of necessities such as food and water, for which people will pay almost any amount of coin. Coins are not the only means of exchange. Barter and trade in commodities is widespread.

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