Prestige Classes

The following prestige classes are allowed.

Abolisher, Lords of Madness, p.183
Avangion, Legends of Athas, p.16
Aerial Avenger, Dragon Compendium, p.67 NB Aarokocra only
Agent Retriever, Epic Level Handbook, p.24
Ambofari, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.5
Alienist, Complete Arcane, p. 21
Anarchic Initiate, Complete Psionic, p.17
Animal Lord, Complete Adventurer, p.22 NB, allowances will be made for the different ecology of Athas
Arboreal Guardian, Ghostwalk, p.19 NB Elves and half elves only
Arcanist, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p. 6
Arena Champion, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.87
Arena Mage, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.7
Argent Savant, Complete Arcane, p.24
Astral Dancer, Planar Handbook, p.63
Auditor, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.8
Avenging Executioner, Complete Scoundrel, p.24
Battle Dancer, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.8 NB Elf or Half Elf only
Battlerager, Races of Faerun, p.178 NB Dwarves and Muls only
Battlesmith, Races of Stone, p.97 Dwarves only
Battle Trickster, Complete Scoundrel, p.28
Bear Warrior, Complete Warrior, p.16
Beast Heart Adept, Dungeonscape, p.48
Beastmaster, Complete Adventurer, p.26
Beserk, Deities and Demigods, p.201
Blind Fighter, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.9
Bloodhound, Complete Adventurer, p.28
Bone Collector, Ghostwalk, p.21
Cavelord, Underdark, p.30
Cavestalker, Drow of the Underdark, p.68 NB Must have natural Darkvision.
Cerebremancer, Expanded Psionics Handbook, p.141
Cerulean, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.10
Chaotician, Planar Handbook, p.61
Chasseur, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.11
Cipher Adept, Planar Handbook, p.59
Cloud Anchorite, Frostburn, p.52
Cognition Thief, Players Guide to Faerun, p.174
Combat Trapsmith, Complete Scoundrel, p.34
Contemplative, Complete Divine, p.30
Cornac, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.10
Cosmic Descryer, Epic Level Handbook, p.26
Crimson Scourge, Cityscape, p.92
Cryokineticist, Frostburn, p.54 NB The Cold Walk power will be pretty useless on Athas (outside the Ringing Mountains), unless you generate the cold air yourself.
Dark Hunter, Complete Warrior, p.20
Darkrunner, Lords of Madness, p.186 NB Ignore the special requirement regarding Guild membership.
Dawncaller, Races of Stone, p.103 NB Half giants only
Deadgrim, Magic of Eberron, p.57 NB Ignore Red Watchers requirement
Dead Heart Interrogater, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.11
Death Delver, Heroes of Horror, p.93 NB You are getting your divine spells from the Black.
Deathwarden Chanter, Ghostwalk, p.23 NB Dwarves only
Deepwarden, _Races of Stone, p.105 NB Dwarves only
Deepwood Sniper, Masters of the Wild, p.52
Defiant, Planar Handbook, p.44 NB Athas clerics get to keep their spells!
Demonwrecker, Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, p.168
Dervish, Complete Warrior, p.25
Desert Runner, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.12 NB Elves only
Devoted Defender, Sword and Fist, p.13
Diresinger, Liber Mortis, p.43
Divine Oracle, Complete Divine, p.34
Doomguide, Faiths and Pantheons, p.186 Ignore the god requirement
Doomlord, Planar Handbook, p.47
Drake Guardian, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.14
Draqoman, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.12
Dread Commando, Heroes of Battle, p.103
Dread Witch, Heroes of Horror, p.98
Drunken Master, Complete Warrior, p.27
Duellist, Dungeone Masters Guide, p.185
Dune Trader, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.90
Dungeon Delver, Complete Adventurer, p.42
Dwarven Defender, Dungeon Masters Guide, p.186
Earth Defender, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.15
Earth Dreamer, Races of Stone, p.110 If you really want other elemental/para-elemental dreamers, let me know.
Ebon Saint, Complete Psionic, p.22
Ectopic Adept, Complete Psionic, p.26
Elemental Archon, Faiths and pantheons, p.190
Elementalist, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.93
Elemental Champion, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.17
Elemental Master, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.818
Elemental Savant, Complete Arcane, p.32
Elemental Warrior, Planar Handbook, p.65
Element Lord, Legends of Athas, p.17
Element Singer, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.17 NB Elf or Half Elf
Elite Sniper, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.200
Elocater, Expanded Psionics Handbook, p.142
Entropomancer, Complete Divine, p.37
Epic Infiltrator, Epic Level Handbook, p.28
Exemplar, Complete Adventurer, p.45
Exotic Weapon Master, Complete Warrior, p.30
Flayerspawn Psychic, Complete Psionic, p.30
Foe Hunter, Masters of the Wild, p.56
Forsake, Masters of the Wild, p.57
Fortune’s Friend, Complete Scoundrel, p.38
Frenzied Beserker, Complete Warrior, p.34
Gate Crasher, Manual of the Planes, p.26
Ghost Slayer, Ghost Walk, p.26
Ghost Walker, Sword and Fist, p.20
Giant-killer, Silver Marches, p.109
Goliath Liberator, Races of Stone, p.112
Grove Master, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.96
Guardian Paramount, Epic Level Handbook, p.30
Halfling Outrider, Complete Warrior, p.38 NB Halflings Only
Halfling Protector, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.22 NB Halflings Only
Hierophant, Dungeon Master’s Guide, p.188
Highland Stalker, Complete Adventurer, p.54
Horizon Walker, Dungeon Masters Guide, p.189
Hulking Hurler, Complete Warrior, p.41 NB Large races only
Hunter of the Dead, Complete Warrior, p.42
Illithid Slayer, Expanded Psionics Handbook, p.146
Illumine Soul, Complete Psionic, p.33
Invisible Blade, Complete Warrior, p.46
Iron Mind, Races of Stone, p.114 NB Dwarf only
Jaunter, Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, p.172
Justiciar, Complete Warrior, p.47
Loremaster, Dungeon Masters Guide, p. 191 NB Read Language is a class skill for this prestige class.
Kalak, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.21 NB Thri Kreen only
Kik, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.22 NB Thri Kreen only
Kreen Slayer, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.24 NB Elf and Half Elf only
Lasher, _ Sword and Fist_, p.25
Legendary Dreadnought, Epic Level Handbook, p.33
Legendary Leader, Heroes of Battle, p.107
Leviathan Hunter, Stormwrack, p.61
Lord of Tides, Sandstorm, p,70
Magical Trickster, Complete Scoundrel, p.45
Malconvoker, Complete Scoundrel, p.48
Master Inqusitive, Ebberron Campaign Setting, p.82
Master of Many Forms, Complete Adventurer, p.58
Master of Masks, Complete Scoundrel, p.52
Master of Radiance, Liber Mortis, p.44
Master Shipfloater, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.23
Master of Shrouds, Liber Mortis, p.46
Master Scout, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.99
Master Thrower, Complete Warrior, p.58
Menacing Brute, Races of Destiny, p.123 NB Half-giants and Muls only
Metamind, Expanded Psionics Handbook, p.148
Mystic Dancer, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.26
Mountebank, Complete Scoundrel, p.57
Nature’s Warrior, Complete Warrior, p.63
Necromant, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.31
Obstinate Soul, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.28 NB Dwarves only
Occult Slayer, Complete Warrior, p.66
Ollam, Complete Adventurer, p.66 NB Dwarfs only
Oozemaster, Masters of the Wild, p.67
Order Adept, Legends of Athas, p.22
Outcast Champion, Races of Destiny, p.126 NB Half Elves, Muls and Half Giants only
Peerless Archer, Silver Marches, p.115
Peregrine Runner, Races of Stone, p.116 NB Half Giants only
Perfect Wight, Epic Level Handbook, p.34
Planar Champion, Manual of the Planes, p.29
Poison Master, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.102
Primeval, Frostburn, p.65
Procurer, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.28 NB Elf only
Psibond Agent, Complete Scoundrel, p.60
Psiologist, Dark Sun Sourcebook, p.104
Psionic Monk, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.35
Psychic Theurge, WOTC Mind’s Eye
Pyrokineticist, Expanded Psionics Handbook, p.151
Quari Dre, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.31 NB Thri Kreen only
Reaping Mauler, Complete Warrior, p.76
Reaver, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.36
Restorationist, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.37
Ruathar, Races of the Wild, p.122
Sacred Purifier, Liber Mortis, p.49
Sanctified Mind, Lords of Horror, p.199
Savage, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.39
Sensei, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.35
Scaled Horror, Savage Species, p.83 NB Pterrans only, replace the Swim entry requirement with Survival
Scar Enforcer, Races of Destiny, p.130 NB Half Elves only
Scorpion Heritor, Sandstorm, p.86
Serpent Slayer, Serpent Kingdoms, p.166
Shadow, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.41 NB Elf only
Shadowdancer, Dungeon Masters Guide, p.195
Shadowmind, Complete Adventurer, p.74
Shadow Shifter, Legends of Athas, p.26
Shadow Wizard, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.43
Siren, Savage Species, p.84
Skylord, Book of Exalted Deeds, p.71 NB Elf and Half Elf only
Skypledged, Races of the Wild, p.126 Aarakocra only
Soulknife Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.44
Soul Bow, Complete Psionic, p.36
Spirit Incarnate, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.36
Spirit Initiate, Legends of Athas, p.31
Storm Disciple, Complete Psionic, p.40
Stormcaster, Stormwrack, p.72
Stormlord, Complete Divine, p.65
Stormsinger, Frostburn, p.70
Stormtalon, Races of the Wild, p.131 Aarakocra only
Survivor, Savage Species, p.89
Tactical Soldier, Miniatures Handbook, p.22
Ta’chat-tho, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.37 NB Thri Kreen only
Tattooist, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.39
Thaumaturgist, Dungeon Masters Guide, p.196
Tekchakak, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.40 NB Thri Kreen only
Tik, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.41 NB Thri Kreen only
Tik Tik, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.49 NB Thri Kreen only
Tempest, Complete Adventurer, p.81
Thaumaturgist, Dungeon Masters Guide, p.196
Thief-Acrobat, Complete Adventurer, p.83
Tribal Psionicist, Prestige Class Appendix 2, p.42
Uncanny Trickster, Complete Scoundrel, p.67
Veiled One, Prestige Classes Appendix 1, p.50
Vermin Keeper, Forgotten Reals, Underdark, p.44
Virtuoso, Complete Adventurer, p.89
Void Disciple, Complete Divine, p.72
Walker in the Waste, Sandstorm, p.89
War Chanter, Complete Warrior, p.87
Warhchief, Miniatures Handbook, p.24
Warhulk, Miniatures Handbook, p.23
Warshaper, Complete Warrior, p.89
Whisperknife, Races of the Wild, p.135 NB Halfling only
Wild Plains Outrider, Complete Adventurer, p.92
Wildrunner, Races of the Wild, p.139 NB Elf or Half Elf only
Wind Walker, Faces of the Forgotten North, p.176, NB Half Elf only
Wonderworker, Book of Exalted Deeds, p.82

Note, any prestige class that gets Swim as a class skill replaces it with Survival, if it isn’t already a class skill for them. If they already have Survival as a class skill, too bad.

If there’s a non-arcane prestige class I’ve overlooked, let me know.

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Prestige Classes

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