The Bitter Well

Little Girl Lost Part 3 The Wedding Crashers

The party receives a message from Hagir to meet them. Upon arriving at the designated meeting point, Hagir, her father and Paubia all arrive – Hagir does not want to be married to Ibrahim and she is bored with Paubia. She explains she and Paubia hid in the shadows when the party investigated Paubia’s lodgings,

Tchack here’s the familar sound of Martha’s club. She turns up, accuses Paubia of being a Defiler and claims to represent the Committee for the Preservation of the Revolution. There is a pall of shadows, followed by teeth rattling pain. In the confusion Hagir and her father are dragged to safety by Tchack.

A cunning plan is decided upon and Johdan shows a surprising aptitude for wedding planning. The wedding goes ahead, but Ibrahim is blackmailed into disappearing after the feast.

Investigation of the spot where the weird defiling took place eveals the clear signs of defilement. Vitska hands out the cash based on her creative accounting.



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